Hello everyone,

What a lovely sunny day, shall I clean or create? Create wins hands down!

I have been holding onto this nice box to do a crafting project with it, so I thought i’d share with you how I made it.

Step One:

Find a nice box to play with. Choose any item it doesn’t have to be a box you would like to cover. If the item has too much writing on it then you can always paint with white acrylic paint or gesso before you start covering with other products. This gives you a great base to work with.

Step Two:

I chose this napkin as this would be a good base to cover the box as it had lots of white colour and allowed the base paint to show through. When applying the napkin please make sure you have only one layer of tissue and apply the paint and stick down the napkin and let dry for a few minutes before applying paint over the top. I would suggest using a lighter colour otherwise you may loose the design of the napkin. The alternative is to use a transparent paint.


Step Three:

I used acrylic duck blue paint to paint the box and added the napkin using the same paint and waited for it to dry. I then added DaliART Polymer paint in purple randomly to add some depth.



Step Four:

I then stamped a sentiment on a circle tag and added some DaliART twine. I painted the vibrant colours using  the DaliART Polymer paint and added small white DaliART polymer paint dots around the edge of the tag. I then attached the tag to the box with a foam pad to give dimension.

I would love to see your recycled projects please send in you’re recycling projects to hello@daliart.co.uk.