DaliART Henna Christmas Tree and Stocking Stamp.
When I am designing the stamps I am thinking firstly as a crafter and the value the design will add and all the variations that can be created from one image.
All you need is the stamped image and a pair of scissors to create some wonderful designs. I would like to share my creations. I have made over 20 designs and still thinking what I can do next with just one of the stamps from this set.
The DaliART Henna Christmas Tree has been designed with lines to cut along whether it is for decoupage or creating other elements. The stamp can be coloured, embossed and many more techniques.
The DaliART Henna Christmas Tree can be fishes, waves, borders, corners, butterfly, bows and bunting! All techniques are easy to cut just follow the lines.
The DaliART Henna Christmas Tree designs are endless I am sure you will come up with many more! Flowers, ladies, cakes, candles, parcels and umbrella! Happy Crafting!