I love to recycle I cannot bring myself to throw anything away it must be the crafter in me!

DaliART Henna Floral Splodge Board consists of 26 designs, once I had used all the designs I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away! So this is what I made:

 Step 1

I sprayed the Henna Floral Embellishment with DaliART spray paint which I made by using a small amount of DaliART Powder Paint in Fluorescent Pink and also DaliART Powder Paint Night Sky.

To make the spray take a DaliART Spray Bottle and add a small amount of DaliART Powder Paint using the DaliART Lollipop Stick and add water and mix well.


Step 2

I then added a DaliART Bindi to create a focal point on the corner.

Step 3

I then took a book page and randomly sprayed this with the DaliART spray paint in fluorescent pink and edged with the night sky powder paint.

Step 4

I then took a scrap of turquoise paper and used DaliART Textured Powder with DaliART Medium and DaliART Cerise Powder Paint to stencil through a Splodge board.

To make the texture paste I add equal amounts of texture powder, texture medium and powder paint, if this is too thick water down. Using the texture paste and palette knife stencil thorough the Splodge board and before drying I sprinkled some gold glitter into the paste and then dried with heat gun.

Step 5

I then took the book page I sprayed earlier and drew a 5 petal flower in different sizes with a black sharpie. I also drew some leaves and a stem and cut all these out and sprayed again with pink and blue and dry with heat gun.

Step 6

I then used the strong DaliART strong glue and attached all the flower petals, leaves and stem, finally adding a gem, which then created the centre focal point on the project.


  Step 7

The leaves add further dimension.







Step 8

I love adding all the pieces together. I used DaliART strong glue and stuck the pink embellishment piece to the turquoise paper and then added the flower, leaves, stem. I then used a quickie glue pen and added gold glitter to edges and flower, as if that was not enough I added a few gems in the cutouts. Finally I stamped a few words using Distress Ink and cut out and attached.

I hear a voice saying STOP!




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Happy Crafting!